A Bespoke Confetti Mix ensures that your collection is unique..

We understand that one size doesn't always necessarily fit all! If you're looking for something a little more creative and specially customised for your needs, then this is just the area for you - Any petal you see within our existing Confetti Collections can be used in a bespoke mix.

Just use the form below to tell us the collection name that contains your desired petal & which of these you want within your custom mix. You'll find all of the information you need on the product descriptions.

We'll then contact you directly to get the ball rolling on your quotation - Simple!

Bespoke Confetti Mixes

EverFloat® exclusively sold by Confetti Bee

Bespoke Mix Quotation Form

You can select the Confetti Collections where you have seen the petal you would like in your bespoke mix. Enter the petal you require in the corresponding box.

If you require more than Five petals in your bespoke mix, enter them in the box below keeping the format the same as above.