Our Guide To Storing Your Confetti

So the Big Day is now firmly in the diary, and you're well underway with pulling together everything you need from your army of wedding suppliers...You've found Confetti Bee, ordered your dream natural confetti, and it has just this minute floated through your letterbox! So there's only one question left - How should you now store it and make sure that it will be as pretty, fresh and fragrant as everything else at your wedding?!

Read on below...

How to store Natural Confetti

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What's the best way to store my confetti so that it's stays fresh?

Ensure your confetti is kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and any moisture. We recommend any areas that meet this criteria really, such as at the back of dry, dark wardrobes and cupboards within dark bags or tupperware boxes.

Our dried confetti can last 6-12 months if stored correctly like this!

So to expand a little:


- Always keep your confetti dry, away from moist or humid conditions.

- Store the confetti bags within a dark/frosted, preferably sealed bag or tupperware box.

- Ensure the confetti is stored somewhere where the temperature doesn't get too high


- Let the confetti get wet, for instance near windows with condensation, damp walls/cupboards or in a spot that could be prone to any leaks.

- Let the confetti face any strong or direct light, either natural or artificial, for prolonged periods.

- Repeatedly remove the confetti from its packaging and then return it.

When should I decant the confetti into my confetti packaging?

Ideally around 2 weeks before the wedding/event will be fine and again, please ensure they are then also stored in a cool place away from sunlight and moisture.

If you follow the above guidelines, your confetti should remain lovely and fresh and retaining its original delightful colour - All that remains now if for it to help decorate your big day and make it a moment to remember forever!