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Exclusively sold at Confetti Bee - EverFloat® Confetti Collections

Our exclusive EverFloat® Confetti Collection consists of different natural Hydrangea petal confetti, all designed to make your special occasions extra magical. The beautiful petals are light, crisp and will float gracefully when thrown!

Photographers can gain those all-important extra milliseconds to take the ideal confetti photo with light and airy petal confetti, which can seamlessly fit in with your colour and theme.

These hydrangea petals make a stunning addition to your wedding. They're a perfect decoration gesture for flower girls, wedding tables or even in traditional confetti throwing. These petals will surely add an extra special charm to your big day.

Our treating process ensures that the petals remain intact and bright in colour; what's more, as a fully natural product they are 100% natural and biodegradable! This is vital nowadays, with eco-friendly solutions being so essential. Indeed, many wedding venues now insist on guests using only biodegradable confetti options.

EverFloat® Confetti is a lovely mixture of clusters, some stalks and petals that just oozes vibrancy and elegance. There’s an EverFloat® Confetti to suit each and every taste!

Discover the beauty and elegance of natural hydrangea petals as wedding confetti. With their gorgeous scent, these petals offer something special that will make your special day even more remarkable. As they flutter through the air, these petals create a breathtaking spectacle and lasting memories. Hydrangea petals are the perfect choice for wedding confetti – it's a decision you won't regret!

Natural hydrangea petals provide the perfect touch for your special occasion. With their wide variety of sizes and colours, you can effortlessly find the right hue to perfectly compliment your wedding theme and colour scheme. Whether you opt for vivid and striking shades or subtle petal tones, there is a hydrangea variety that will meet your needs.

The hydrangea petal's beauty makes it a favourite among wedding photographers, who appreciate its ability to add to the ambiance of their photo sessions. These petals are not only lovely in person, but they also create captivating visuals in photos. They create an airy atmosphere as they drift through the air, making for truly enchanting wedding shots.

This choice to use natural hydrangea petals for confetti offers many benefits. Not only will it lend a stylish and elegant atmosphere to your celebration, but you will also have the assurance of knowing that it is an environmentally sound decision.

Unlike paper or plastic alternatives, EverFloat® Confetti hydrangea petals offer a special something to your special day; not only do they look beautiful, but their delicate scent will linger in the air as guests shower you with this gorgeous floral confetti.

These gorgeous blossoms remain as eye-catching as ever after being tossed during your ceremony. Why not use them to enhance your table decor or even stuff small confetti pockets for your guests to take home, as a special memento from your enchanting day?

The advantages of utilising natural hydrangea petals as wedding confetti are unmistakable—diverse colours that will coordinate with any theme or aesthetic, amazing visual impact in person and photos, an organic composition that honours the earth, and a delightful scent to heighten the experience! Truly, it's an easy choice.

How to choose the right type of hydrangea for your wedding confetti:

When deciding which hydrangea to use as wedding confetti, there are a few points to take into account. Primarily, think about the size of the petals; they are available in large, medium and small varieties, so choose according to your taste or desired aesthetic.

When selecting hydrangeas for your wedding décor, consider the colours available. From bold tones to subtle hues, we offer a variety that will fit well with your chosen colours and event theme. These vibrant blooms have the ability to bring a unique beauty to any setting. The scented petals of the natural hydrangea can add a romantic ambiance to your special day. Your and your guests' senses will be delighted by the inviting aroma.

When thrown, these natural hydrangea petals float gracefully through the air - making them perfect for those special wedding photos. Indeed, many wedding photographers have chosen them as their preferred confetti of choice, due to its gorgeous beauty and whimsical feel it gives to any photo.

When it comes to selecting the perfect hydrangea for your wedding confetti, there are a few factors to consider, such as size and how it'll coordinate with other components like bouquets or centrepieces. Personal preference is key. Taking all of this into account will ensure that the EverFloat® Confetti petals you choose perfectly match your joyous occasion.