When Should I Order My Confetti?

We are regularly asked when the best time is for a customer to place their confetti order…The honest answer is that it all depends on how you want to do it, really!

Ahead of the Game?

If you’re a super-organised busy bee person, you can benefit from our delayed dispatch service, allowing you to place your order well in advance of the big day - As far as up to 24 months before if you’d like! 

Just tell us the wedding or event date, then sit back and leave it to us. It's another job ticked off your list and we will dispatch your confetti in plenty of time before your event. Please see our info page How To Delay Your Confetti Order for more useful guidance on this option.

In A Rush?

Equally, if you’re running a bit on the late side or perhaps have only just discovered Confetti Bee, then don’t worry! We are renowned for our super-quick turnaround and can get your lovely confetti floated over to you in no time, often in literally a few days. We also offer various Express delivery services to give it that extra push, if needed!

In general we recommend ordering any time within 12 months of your wedding date. Our natural confetti will last superbly when stored correctly, so don’t assume you need to leave it till very close before your event to be sure of having nice, fresh confetti. Simply make sure that your confetti is kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and any moisture. Please see our Guide to Storing Your Confetti page for more information.

Whichever option you chose, we’re certain you’ll be thrilled with your perfect petals when they land with you. 

Natural Confetti From Confetti Bee

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