Why Wedding Venues Prefer Biodegradable Wedding Confetti 

We’re hearing more and more often from our Confetti Bee customers that wedding venues seem to be almost exclusively insisting on the use of biodegradable wedding confetti in place of the traditional previous types. But why, exactly? Let’s explore…

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What is biodegradable wedding confetti?

Biodegradable wedding confetti is made from natural and sustainable materials that break down easily in the environment. Unlike traditional confetti, which can take years to decompose and cause significant harm to wildlife, (not to mention being a pain to clean up!) biodegradable options are designed to dissolve quickly without leaving any harmful residues behind.

There are various types of biodegradable wedding confetti available today. Some popular choices include flower petals, (like ours!) dried leaves or herbs. These options not only look beautiful but also provide a unique touch that complement wedding themes perfectly.

Why are more and more wedding venues only allowing biodegradable confetti?

Wedding venues have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact that traditional paper confetti has. It causes a litter headache for the venue due to the nature of all the small, scattered pieces - Can you imagine having to clean them all up? Worse still, some traditional confetti can contain metallic elements which are not biodegradable or even compostable and can harm wildlife, making it unsustainable in today's world. Petal-based and natural confetti dissolves quickly with moisture, so it’s far more appropriate to use in every respect.

Another of the great things about biodegradable confetti is that it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. It doesn't stain carpets or flooring like traditional dyed paper confetti can, making it an ideal option for venues with strict cleanup policies. As a result, many venues are now strictly only allowing biodegradable confetti at weddings.

Ecologically-friendly products are so preferable nowadays as more people become environmentally conscious. Couples want to make sure that their wedding day doesn't contribute to pollution or waste and in turn wedding venues also want to contribute positively to the environment as opposed to harming it.

Choosing natural, biodegradable wedding confetti shows all of our commitment towards preserving the environment while at the same time still ensuring there is no style compromise by adding elegance to your special day. Do make sure you check with your venue what type of confetti they allow before making any purchases!

Will this continue to be the case?

Well no-one can say for sure, but given that eco-friendly solutions for almost everything are only rising in popularity and necessity, we certainly think so!

If anything, it's likely that non-natural or synthetic confetti may well start to be phased out for all of the reasons we've outlined. Wedding venues will surely see no reason to reverse the current trend, so now is as good a time as any to get on board the Natural Confetti Train as it's not going away anytime soon!