How Many Litres of Confetti Do I Need For my Wedding?

We appreciate that this is probably the question you're asking yourself, because let's face it, you probably don't have to think about confetti/guests ratios too often!

Here we'll try to give you as much guidance as possible from our experience and help ensure you've got just the right amount of lovely confetti for the happy day.

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Natural Confetti From Confetti Bee

White Hydrangea Petals

Things to Consider...

The short answer to the question is that as a general rule, we recommend 1 litre of confetti per 15-20 guests/packets. But there can be many other factors in making your decision!

We'd always say try to account for every single guest as a minimum when judging your confetti volume requirements.

People do love to join in the happy moment and it's a shame to leave any guests out.

Petal Size

With small petal confetti, the individual petal size ranges from 5mm-15mm. We estimate that 1 litre of confetti will provide 10-15 loose handfuls and fill around 15-20 packets. (For extra detail, we define a 'loose handful' as the exact amount of a double shot glass, i.e 50ml - Not a small scattering but not a huge mound either, just the typical amount someone would hold to throw)

With medium/large petal confetti the individual petal size ranges from 10mm-40mm for medium & 30mm-60mm for large . We estimate that 1 litre of confetti will provide 8-12 loose handfuls and fill around 10-15 packets. 

If you're wanting to scatter the confetti down the aisle prior to the ceremony, we loosely estimate that 1 litre of natural confetti scattered lightly will cover approximately a metre.

Please see our Guide page for further information and visual guides.


Wondering how far it will go? Well, with smaller petal confetti, one litre can provide about 10-15 loose handfuls and fill around 15-20 packets. In terms of how much a 'loose handful' is, consider a double shot glass as a measure - 50ml. It's not too much but not too little either, just the amount you'd usually grab to throw.

Medium/large petal confetti will generate about 8-12 loose handfuls and 10-15 packets filled.

If your aim is to scatter the confetti lightly down an aisle, you are likely to need about one litre for every metre.

Please see our Guide page for further information and visual guides.

Handy Confetti Calculators

Below you'll find handy calculators that should help you to pin down the quantity of confetti you'll need.

Please note that where the guides below may use an estimated range, (e.g '10-15 loose handfuls') for the purposes of the calculated results we have had to select one specific number from within the range. This means that your calculated final result is intended to be a guide only rather than a precise answer, you may wish to either add or subtract slightly from this according to your preference for amounts.

Equally, if you are calculated a decimal number result (e.g 7.8 litres) then we'd always recommend rounding up to the next highest whole number (e.g 8) as we only sell in whole litres and you don't want to have too little!

Petal Calculator

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Loose & Packaged Confetti Volume Guide

Below we've provide some estimations of the confetti volumes you might need, depending on both your chosen confetti petal size and how many guests you'll have.

As always please be aware that we can only offer our advice based on experience, but the desired levels of confetti coverage does vary from person to person - If you want a heavy showering then please do allow for this and order accordingly!

Confetti Cones Volume Guide

Below we've estimated what you may need in terms of confetti cones for your guests. Again, the confetti petal size and personal preference are factors!

Scattering Confetti Volume Guide

Below is an estimation of what you may need in terms of scattering confetti used as decoration, typically for aisles. To reiterate, the confetti petal size and your personal preference will make a difference!

Please note that all estimates and guidance stated here is purely our opinion, based on experience. All volume choices are a matter of personal preference. One person's light scattering is another one's heavy! We just want to help ensure you make the right choices for you and it contributes to a memorable event.