Fancy Bee-coming a Collaborator?

At Confetti Bee, we love all things wedding and are always open to the right opportunity to create fruitful relationships with other suppliers within the industry. We know there are so many fantastic venues and providers out there, and in such a crowded and competitive field we’re big believers in supporting each other to help ensure we offer the best services possible for our shared customers.

We are actively seeking to establish trusted partnerships with a broad range of suppliers within the industry. If you represent a wedding venue, are a wedding/event planner, florist, photographer etc and would be interested in buying our products to supply exclusively to your clients* (while earning a commission) then read on! Below are some of the great benefits you can enjoy from our Collaborator membership options.

Bee-come a Collaborator Below

EverFloat® exclusively sold by Confetti Bee

Membership Options

We offer two different membership levels for you to become a Confetti Bee collaborator - With a wide range of benefits to both!

Our standard Collaborator package offers many advantageous features, while our Premium Collaborator package allows for a whole extra level of exclusivity and access for those looking to offer their clients a truly unique service, with substantial purchase commissions on top.

Why upgrade to Premium Collaborator?

As a Premium Collaborator, you’ll be accessing numerous beneficial features - If you pride yourself on providing your valued clients with an elite service with exclusive access to market-leading products for their big day, then this is the option for you.

They’ll benefit from automatically being upgraded to a next day Express Delivery, alongside receiving beautifully-packaged free confetti and packaging samples to ensure they make the perfect choice when they’re ready.

But it’s really the areas of exclusive access that may appeal most - Your Premium membership means you can offer your clients early and sole access to new confetti products prior to general availability, but also providing them with the ability to choose from Members-only confetti collections, designed solely for our Premium Collaborators - Talk about feeling special! We’ll even tailor our bespoke custom confetti mixes to your clients’ specific preferences if they’re looking for something totally unique. We pour effort, love and care into each and every one of our products, but we imagine your clients might love that extra-special VIP feel! Who doesn't?

In addition to all the above, your personal commission potential is much higher as a Premium Collaborator, as you can receive up to a 20% commission on orders made with us through the preferential Tiered Commission rates.


There is no additional annual or monthly cost become a Collaborator. Alongside all of the listed advantages, you'll receive a 10% commission on all orders made with us.

To benefit from all of the additional exclusive features of a Premium Collaborator, there is an annual one-off charge of just £99.99, or £11.99 per month as a recurring pay-as-you-go payment. Based on order value, you can receive up to a 20% commission on orders made with us through the preferential Tiered Commission rates.

We'll be happy to welcome you aboard!

*Please Note: Any products bought from Confetti Bee must not be re-sold under any other name/brand, as per our Terms & Conditions.