Inspire Me! Biodegradable Paper Confetti

If you picture your big day and see dreamy images of floaty, vibrant coloured paper confetti then you’ve arrived at the right place!

We’re often asked for guidance on what colours blend together most effectively, so we’ve gone one further and created some delicious coloured paper confetti mixes to inspire you! It’s surprising what results can be produced from a well-planned combination of colours. Below we hope you’ll agree there’s something to suit all styles and themes - Subtle & elegant, earthy & natural, fun & lively, striking & dramatic, to just plain gorgeous!

Within each style we’ve clarified what the mix is made up of, plus an idea of how many handfuls it would generate - Well, we do like to pass on our expertise and make life a bit easier for you! You can then get down to the really important stuff - Choosing your perfect coloured confetti mix that will help make for incredible moments.