Confetti, the tiny flecks of love that add whimsy and joy to any celebration! From weddings to birthdays, confetti has become a staple in capturing those unforgettable moments. But have you ever wondered which type of confetti looks best in photos? Choosing the right confetti can make all the difference when it comes to creating stunning images that truly capture the essence of your special occasion. Here we'll explore the world of confetti and delve into the factors you should consider when selecting confetti for your next photo shoot. So grab your camera and get ready to discover how these magical little pieces can transform your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary!

Choosing the right confetti for photos

When it comes to capturing those special moments in photographs, every detail matters. And that includes the confetti you choose to sprinkle in the air for that perfect shot! The right confetti can add a touch of magic and whimsy to your photos, while the wrong choice can leave you feeling underwhelmed.

So why is it so important to choose the right confetti? Well, think about it – confetti is meant to enhance and highlight the joy and excitement of any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or graduation celebration, the confetti serves as a visual representation of happiness and celebration.

Now let's talk about the types of confetti available. There are paper options which can come in various shapes and sizes. These are great if you want vibrant colours or unique designs. Metallic confetti adds sparkle and shine to your photos but may not be suitable for certain environments due to its non-biodegradable nature. Many wedding venues have refused to allow its use in recent times, so that might be one to double check! Then there's biodegradable natural petal confetti which has become increasingly popular among photographers. This type of confetti brings a touch of nature into your shots with beautiful petals that create stunning visuals.

But how do you choose the best type for your photos? Consider factors like colour, size, and shape when selecting your confetti. Bright colours like pink or yellow can pop against any background while larger sizes allow for more visibility in photos. Shapes like hearts or stars add an extra element of fun!

When photographing with confetti, remember that lighting plays a crucial role. Natural light works wonders during outdoor shoots while diffused indoor lighting gives a softer look. If you’re doing the event photography yourself, then do experiment with different angles and settings until you find what works best for capturing those magical fluttering moments.

Factors to consider when choosing confetti for wedding photos

When it comes to choosing the right confetti for photos, there are several factors you should take into consideration. One of the most important factors is of course, colour. You want the confetti to complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding rather than distract from it. Take into account the colours used in your decor, bridesmaid dresses, and flowers as these elements will be prominent in most of your photos. Consider using complementary colours or shades that match with these accents

The colour of the confetti can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your photos. Bright, vibrant colours like red, yellow, and blue can add a pop of excitement and energy to your images. On the other hand, softer pastel shades like pink or lavender can create a more romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Size is another crucial factor to consider when selecting confetti for photos. Smaller pieces tend to give off a delicate and subtle effect, while larger ones make a bold statement. It's all about finding the right balance that suits your desired aesthetic. It is fair to say that larger petal confetti can look more prominent on photographs and as such, is very popular.

The shape of the confetti also plays a role in how it will appear in photographs. Round-shaped confetti tends to create an evenly scattered effect when tossed in the air or sprinkled on surfaces. On the other hand, irregular shapes such as stars or hearts can add an element of whimsy and playfulness to your photos.

Choosing the perfect confetti for your photos boils down to personal preference and what you want to convey through your images. Consider experimenting with different colours, sizes, and shapes until you find what works best for you!

Tips: lighting, background, props

When it comes to photographing confetti, there are a few key tips that can help you capture stunning shots. First and foremost, lighting is crucial. Natural light works best for outdoor shoots, as it enhances the colours and adds a soft glow. If shooting indoors, experiment with different lighting setups to find the perfect balance.

The background you choose can also make a big difference in your confetti photos. Opt for simple backgrounds that won't distract from the confetti itself. Solid coloured walls or neutral-toned backdrops work well, allowing the confetti to take centre stage.

Props can add an extra element of fun and creativity to your confetti photoshoots. Consider using props like balloons or ribbons to complement the confetti and create interesting compositions.

In terms of technique, timing is everything when capturing those magical moments as confetti falls through the air. Be patient and ready with your camera at all times – you never know when that perfect shot will happen!

Wedding confetti favourites

Confetti has been an essential part of weddings for decades. Not only does it add a touch of celebration and joy to the event, but it also makes for stunning photos. But how do you choose which confetti looks best in those priceless wedding photos? If you are the happy couple planning your nuptials, then it’s a very pertinent question!

Well, for what it’s worth we love (and can heartily recommend) natural petal confetti made from delicate real hydrangea petals. Photographers love working with these petals for their larger size and intricate details that appear absolutely stunning on camera. As they float through the air, they create an ethereal ambiance that enhances every shot, also a slower fall to the ground enables the photographers those crucial few extra milliseconds, which can make all the difference!

Real rose petals undoubtedly add a tangible touch of glamour and scented elegance to wedding proceedings! As a classic symbol of love, not to mention being a large petal that very much impacts photos, it really does tick many boxes for many people. As a larger petal though, it can be better-suited as aisle or table decoration as opposed to a showering confetti!

Various other natural and dried confetti can offer earthy tones and textured appearance that lends a rustic charm to the photographs while adding depth and dimensionality to each frame. It all depends on personal taste really - But the right choice is waiting for you!

Selecting the perfect wedding confetti for stunning photos involves taking into account various elements such as colour, petal size or shape. By thoughtfully choosing your confetti, you can guarantee that each snapshot will be adorned with delightful splashes of vibrancy and elegance - adding an extra touch of magic to your unforgettable celebration!

November 08, 2023 — David Sharpe