Jasmine Petal Confetti

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These delicate and beautiful jasmine petals can be used independently, either as confetti or maybe aisle/table decoration, or mixed with any of our original confetti products. The colour of this petal is a light cream/yellow colour. 

These natural jasmine petals are used in our Jasmine Orange, Forget Me Jasmine, Jasmine Rose, Butterfly Jasmine, Blush Buds, Lavender Jasmine, Jasmine Rosewood Confetti Collections.

Plus, our natural confetti is 100% biodegradable and safe for both you and the environment. Why not make your wedding day even more special with our beautiful Jasmine petal confetti?

More information on Jasmine Petal Confetti

Why jasmine petals are great for wedding confetti

For many couples, throwing confetti over their guests or releasing hundreds of balloons is a tradition they don’t want to forego during their special day. But there’s something that can make your wedding even more special: jasmine petals. These beautiful little flowers are perfect for making your wedding day extra special and memorable. Here some more information why jasmine petals are great for wedding confetti and how you can incorporate them into your own celebration.

Jasmine petals are the perfect colour for wedding confetti

When it comes to wedding confetti, there are endless colour options to choose from. But if you're looking for something classic and elegant, then jasmine petals are the perfect choice.

Not only is the colour of these petals beautiful, but they also have a lovely fragrance that will fill the air as you and your guests celebrate your big day. Plus, they're completely natural and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using them in your wedding confetti.

If you're looking for wedding confetti that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly, then Jasmine petals are the perfect choice.

Jasmine petals are romantic

If you're looking for a romantic way to add a special touch to your wedding, consider using jasmine petals as confetti. Jasmine is known for its lovely fragrance, and its delicate petals will add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. Plus, since jasmine is an evergreen plant, you can use these petals year after year!

The benefits of using jasmine petals for wedding confetti

jasmine petals make great wedding confetti because they are:

1. biodegradable
2. natural and eco-friendly
3. beautiful and fragrant
4. unique
5. affordable

They can be used for more than just confetti

jasmine petals can be used for more than just confetti! Here are some other ideas:

-Decorate your wedding cake with them!

-Use them as table scatter for a pretty and fragrant touch.

-Fill clear vases or jars with them as part of your centerpieces.

-Make DIY potpourri sachets by adding the petals to small muslin bags.

-Toss them in the air during your first dance as husband and wife!

Collection Petal Size: Read Our Petal Size Guide
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Why buy from Confetti Bee 🐝

Here at Confetti Bee, we know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. That's why we offer only the finest real dried petal confetti to help make your big day even more special and give you stunning photographs and memories to last a lifetime. 

As our confetti is made from dried flower petals, it is naturally eco-friendly and biodegradable, we know how important this is as we are aware that many venues stipulate that only biodegradable confetti may be used.

Our confetti comes in a variety of colours to match any wedding theme. Plus, it's sold by the litre so you can order as much or as little as you need. Make your wedding day perfect with Confetti Bee!

As our confetti products are natural,variations in colour and size will occur, this is completely normal.

How many litres do I need?

We supply confetti in different methods, but most commonly in 1 litre bagged amounts. To clarify, the bags themselves actually hold a quantity of over 1 litre, so the bags are not 100% full to the brim. This is to ensure there is some space left around the petals to help cushion and avoid them being crushed during transport.

We measure the confetti volume with a litre jug prior to it being bagged and always ensure we add a little bit extra anyway.

And how far does a litre of confetti go? Well, it's hard to be precise on this of course but we try to help by giving some guidance...With small petal confetti, we estimate that 1 litre of confetti will provide 10-15 loose handfuls and fill around 15-20 packets. (For extra detail, we define a 'loose handful' as the exact amount of a double shot glass, i.e 50ml - Not a small scattering but not a huge mound either, just the typical amount someone would hold to throw)

With medium/large petal confetti, we estimate that 1 litre of confetti will provide 8-12 loose handfuls and fill around 10-15 packets. 

How should I store my confetti and how long will it last?

Ensure your confetti is kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and any moisture.

Our dried confetti will last up to 12 months if stored correctly.

Why have I received my confetti Un-Mixed?

We keep some petals from our petal confetti collections separate to ensure they will look their best on the big day. If your chosen confetti arrives un-mixed we recommend waiting until 1-2 days before your wedding to mix the petals together to keep them at their best, ready to be captured in those amazing confetti photos!

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Colour & Petal Size Information

Please be aware when you receive your product that there can be slight variations in the petal size, shape and colour tone when compared to the advertised image. This is because our petal confetti is completely natural and therefore subject to differing factors such as seasonal & climate variations. This then in turn means that the petals supplied to us will not be perfectly uniform & identical every time. After all, that's what natural means!

That said, we will of course always strive to supply as close to the advertised images as possible, however.